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TP transmitter
Manufacturer: Chestnut

Product description:

Receiver-transmitter Kitdesigned for video transmissionor audio signal to a significantdistance (up to 1500 metres!) withoutloss of quality over twisted pair.You can also pass multiple signals into one cable (for different couples) without mutual interference and interference. It's virtually impossible using a standard coaxial cable.

Proposed beamformerthe AFR and adjustment adjustment is the level of output signal that makes it easy to adjust to any brand of cables and different lengths, ensuring maximum quality.

Availability of itemslightning protection, overcurrent protection,protection against overvoltage and reverse polarity protectionnutrition, protection from pulseinterference protection from making permanentvoltage on the input video doesThis device even moresafe and comfortable, and the ability to transfer in a single cable signals with multiple cameras or microphones, while UTP costs less, allows considerably saving coaxial mounting.

Ideal for signal transmission by air-lines, equipment of plants and similar distributed objects.

Technical characteristics

  • Supply voltage: 12V-15v
  • Transmission frequency: up to 6 MHz
  • Current consumption transmitter: 50 Ma
  • Input current: 50 Ma
  • The maximum distance for b/w signal: 1500 m
  • The maximum distance for colored signal: 1200 m
  • Input resistance: 75
  • Temperature range: -30
  • 0 c ÷0+50 with
  • Relative humidity: up to 95%
  • Number of inputs/outputs: 1
  • Method of connection: the connectors
  • The size of the transmitter (hxwxd) mm: 40x60x20
  • Receiver size (hxwxd) mm: 40x80x20
  • Weight: 25 g

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    Price: 553 UAH


    Kiev 30 UAH

    In other cities of Ukraine by tariffs of delivery service

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    TP transmiter, April 25, 2008
    The client has written testimonial: sv
    a normal device.
    EPA's test ~ works!

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