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USB Видеорегистраторы (DVR)

Video recorder allows you torecord videoto your hard drive and findsnippets with greater speedbetter resolution and moreimplemented through the use of moderncomputer technologies. HardwareThis unit can be performed as a computer circuit board inserted into the PCI slot of your computer or as a separate device such as USB DVR (so called non-PC or Stand Alone digital recording devices).
Any digital devicehas a special slot for a hard drive installations where video images are recorded, and some models have the ability to connect a second disk for backup. Obtained throughThis DVRthe image can beviewed repeatedly withoutdeterioration may be storedindefinitely and does not requireNo maintenance vehicles.This quality maybe used in many differentlife situations. Oftenvideo footage obtained byDVR, becomethe only evidencethe event that was raised. Installed in the car, they, in the event of an accident, can provide overwhelming evidence of guilt or innocence.
Terms of using DVR, USB or Stard alone? is quite wide:in doorways of houses-for maintenancethe safety of occupants in the flats-for calm while hoststhe nanny or governess,the food networks —to track fraud.Been known to catch food thieves and pickpockets who would not have been possible if they had not been registered and stored by that device.
Most models of DVRshas a sensor input forinclude an entry only when thesignal at these entrances or recordimages with higher resolutionWhen this distressingsensors. This allows you to optimallyuse the harddisk and store it bigamounts of information. This informationcan be useful for car owners wishing to install such a device in his garage. Operate DVR automatically, if there is any movement.
Application of digital DVRshas a number of advantages overusing multiplexersand video recorders. Beforejust burn to hard driveor, in the case ofsome models of USB recorders,the memory card has ahigh quality, much moreservice life, it is more convenient to storeand archive and eDiscoveryinformation is faster and more convenient. In addition, modern models have many more service functions, easy to use, administer and configure.
Using the latest advancesthe digital divide has reduced prices for digitally recorded to analog devices. They are available to professionals and ordinary townsfolk, so it can be said thatDVRs have taken place and the multiplexers for market surveillance specvideomagnitofonov.

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