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Компьютерное онлайн видеонаблюдение

The use of moderndigital technology in systemsvideo surveillance can significantlyimprove quality and functionalitymonitoring of protected subject matter.Modern computer systemsonline video products area conventional computer boards (usually installed in PCI slots) and software installed on the video server and workstations. This solution allows to get a lot of benefits:

  • Easy to manage and use-all the work is done on their computer with a familiar interface and intuitive command system.
  • Easy configuration and simple connection of the cameras-instead of many devices use one computer that you just have to connect the CCTV camera
  • Possibility of building systemsany scale-from simplelocal system to severalcameras up to large distributedsystems consisting of manyvideo servers installedin a variety ofother places and managedremotely over the Wan.Application of modern data channels (on dial-up modems to fiber) allows you to transfer the required amount of information between different parts of the system with the necessary speed and quality
  • Constant growth performancecomputers and processors allows for better compression algorithms, search and video information transfer, receive additional service opportunities and a better quality video.
  • Recording to digital media(hard drives, optical disksetc.) far above in quality,the recording on video tape.These media are more compact, easily stored and allows you to view captured information to an unlimited number of times without loss of quality, and quickly find the video snippets
  • The ability to continuously updateACCORDING to the developer, as well as setting up a system to meet specific needs through development of custom user scripts for specific tasks that are not available in the basic version includes
  • System of information protection and control of access to archived data and system administration can be solved by applying the known methods of protection of information in computer networks

    The main challenge for video surveillance-digitizing and compressing video images,coming from the connectedCCTV cameras and gearthe future programmeprocessing. Processing runsspecial softwareproduced by each manufacturerindividually. If the capture cardsin all systems of more or less equal,then the software(or software) is what differentiatescomputer onlinesurveillance of each other.Simple systems allow you to displaythe image on the screenfrom connected cameras (usuallyfrom 1 to 16), arrange them in the desiredorder to record video signalswith cameras in time, manually orWhen motion is detected in the frame.More complex systems workwith the specified objects and eventsand enable you to programmatically setreaction system for certainevents in the form of the algorithm, connectunlimited number of cameras and provide an opportunity to build a distributed video surveillance systems based on a large number of video servers, using a variety of communication channels.

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