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Access control

Контроль доступа

Access control system-are complex and multifaceted,electronic security systems.In fact, the usual door with mechanicallock or a mechanical turnstilewith the watchman too are akind of access control systems.First of all, electronic access control systems provide the ability to access certain persons in certain areas and limit the access of persons who do not have access rights to the appropriate zone.

More complex systems,Typically, one or morecomputers can controlaccess depending on the currenttime, day of week and festivedays. Such a system may beall protocol events:passes a specific userthrough a door in a certaintime, unauthorized attempts toaccess software, etc.allows you to get varioustypes of reports on developmentsin the system for a certain period ofof time. In addition, the varioussystems can have a wideset additional featuresfor example, protection against unauthorized entry into the premises by passing the card to another person, the graphical representation on the screen of a computer object, displaying the plan troubling situations, etc.

In addition to its direct functions access the computerized systemsaccess control maybe used to automaticallytime & attendance controlpassage of a specified routesecurity guard, control variousdevices (sirens, lightsetc.) Depending on the event,occurring in the system. Manythe system connectsSecurity and fire sensorsalarm systems and to developthe alarm or managevideo surveillance system. For example, when trying to enter the premises of unauthorized user (presentation of the illegal card) will turn on the VCR and will fix an attacker.

For organizations with a largethe number of employees and visitors within the access control systems can be created jobs for operational discharge "permits". Visitor data or new employees are made to the database systemaccess control, definedtheir authority on access to certainpremises and are handed a card passes.The duration of these cards canbe limited, and even in the casethe visitor, through forgetfulnesstime card becomesuseless piece of plastic.In more complex systems canconstructed photographycard holder and togetherwith a text byotherwise printed on the card. The image will be stored in the database and can be drawn on a computer screen, for example, upon presentation of the corresponding card reader at the ticket barrier.

Security access control (SKD) can be classified into:

  • standalone to manage one or more Executive devices without passing information to a central security checkpoint and without supervision by the operator;
  • Central (network)-for control of actuating devices with the exchange of information with the central point of protection and control, management of the on-call system operator;
  • universal, which include
  • functions as a standaloneand network systems running in network mode under the guidance of the central control and go offline if you have a network hardware failure or central unit. A generalized block diagram of all of the above SKD is the same and includes the following units:
    • device identification;
    • controller;
    • actuating device.

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