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A video will help youprotect yourself, your family and your ownHouse from unpleasant to you,uninvited "guests" are suspiciouspersons, and will make acomfort in your everyday life and perfectly fit the Interior of your House or apartment. It is possible the use of video in the Office, institutions, objects of higher security, etc.

Video intercom is set,consisting of a monitor and a ringingaudio/video Panel. Audio/videoPanel-a device casingwhich is made of metal(vandal-resistant) or plastic(business version)a miniature television camera,call button, microphone, speakerand an infrared illumination (forability to "see" in the dark). Design feature of certain audio/video of panels allows to install them on the wall or door as the mortise ("utaplivaemym") and overlaid.

The monitor is a device thathas 4 "inch (10 cm diagonal)flat black and white screen, tube, click Openthe Castle, if you have a remotea managed lock. Somemodels of video monitors, in additionhave a button or intercom. Intercom-connection with additional tube. Additional handset intercom, also has a button to lock control. Relationship between the monitor and the audio/video entry control panel using the 4-wire cable.

Door intercommunication system works as follows:read: visitor clickscall button-on monitor is distributedthe melodic call and turns onscreen (in stand-by mode is switched off).On the monitor screen appearspicture of your visitor.If the "guest", standing in front of the entrancedoor, you know, you, withoutall manner of obstacles openhim to the door. If the "guest" younot familiar with the negotiatingtube you can talkto come, constantly watchingon screen video monitor for hisactions. If you wish, at any time, you can assess the situation before the front door by pressing the appropriate button on the monitor, and by removing the tube, and a meeting to hear what is going on.

There are many kinds and configurations of video intercoms, which differ among themselves, different functionality.

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