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Anti-theft Alarm System

Burglar alarms >will notify you promptly of any unauthorized penetration of the protected area and will report to emergency situations. Also, when entering into your home or Office systemalarm systems can provideYou an alarm phone callthe room in advance.For removal of information serve as sensors (infrared and microwave motion sensors, magnetic sensors to open doors and Windows, acoustic glass break detectors, shock sensors, etc.), and the base unitalarm systems-control panels, which is all of the information from the sensors.
If you have a pet,motion sensors can be configuredso that they do not respondto move your pet, but always reliably trigger the appearance of the person. A correctly designed specification on modern equipment will help the combined make it so thatalarms will be able to foresee all the alarming situation of the protected object, and will protect your property and personnel.

Perimetrial′nye systems are under the protection of not only space, but also the surrounding area around the perimeter.

Digital computer system displays a graphical map of the protected object, and the status of each sensor. From your computer, you can also set the system to protect and remove from protection.

Burglar alarm system integrated with video surveillance systems will create a reliable shield against attackers and force majeure situations.

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GSM Dialers


Wireless alarm system JA-60 PROFI
Wireless alarm system JA-80 Oasis
Wireless detectors
Control panels
Device management systems


Accessories for active detectors
Accessories for passive detectors
Active INFRARED detectors
Wireless alarms
Passive INFRARED detectors for space
Outdoor passive IR detectors

CompanyTexecom, founded in 1986, in England,It is one of the recognizedfamous brand name companies producingequipment for security systems-Security Central, a full range ofDetectors, perimeter security Equipment, smoke and temperature detectors, sirens, Switches, power supplies and other equipment. In 2005, the company became a member of the gurppy Texecom Halma companies.
Wireless equipment
Vibration detectors
Voice and text access communication
Additional equipment for alarm test
Glass break detectors
Control keyboard with LCD display for alarm co.
Combined detectors IR + MICROWAVE
Passive INFRARED detectors for external use
Passive INFRARED detectors, ceiling
Passive INFRARED detectors with mirror optics
Passive INFRARED detectors with Fresnel liznami
Fire detectors
Alarm control panels series PREMIER 412/816/
Alarm control panels series PREMIER 88/168/6
Wired enhancers for PREMIER 412/816 series/83
Wired zone expanders and programmable vyhodo
Led keypad for PREMIER 412/816 series/
Digital communicators for PREMIER series 88/168/64

Active barriers

Antikražnoe equipment

Vibration sensors

Glass break detectors

Dual detectors

Magnetic sensors

Passive IR-sensors


Light-and-sound of siren

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