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Equipment for the systems of video surveillance in Kiev
Оборудование для систем видеонаблюдения в Киеве

Digital CCTVsurveillance systems have become an integralpart of engineering solutions. Modernthe equipment allows not onlyobserve and record what happensevents, but also using specialprogramme for videonablûbdeniâ,Customize system-wide responsesecurity, whichincludes camera, external (outdoor)and domestic surveillance, mini(micro) CCTV surveillance cameraand other equipment, in the event of acontingencies. With the advent of computer technologies in the security system was equipped to maintain visual surveillance and save online video recording, lasting a few weeks.

Depending on the type of equipment used, the system of video surveillance is divided into digital and analog.

Security systems are designedfor Visual observationfor a registered object usingTurning video cameras, external(Street) video surveillance orinternal monitoring. Equipmentpossible to simultaneouslyfor one or more objects.Equipment can be installed both indoors and out. The task of the security system is a Visual presentation of Visual information on the operational environment of the controlled object.

The simplest systemof covert surveillance camerasincludes one or morecameras, monitor or TV.Cameras can be installedRotary devices outsideor, in the case of cellsinternal supervision within thepremises and allow for 24-hour monitoring of protected area. Together with the system you can use motion sensors (detectors), lighting systems and other advanced devices.

In such systems, theequipment designedto use multiplevideo cameras, one on the screenYou can simultaneously monitordisplay images from alldevices. For this purposeSpecial programs for videonabolûdeniâand systems of guarding video-observation (screen dividers).Typically in security video surveillance systems for sequential display images using multiplexers (switches) that consistently connect camera to a monitor or TV.

Thus, the complex allowscreate a flexible and scaleablesecurity system, which can include not only the components of the street or external CCTV and intruder-fire alarm and access control systems.

The hidden track are usedto improve the efficiencysafety and are installed there,where you want to hide the fact of observation.Currently, prices for Chinesevideo surveillance equipment are not high enough, and the range will buy small, wireless video cameras of street (outdoor) outdoor CCTV camera for every taste.

Sales of the mini 3 g online video cameras monitoring with budgetary cost

We always tryexpand the range of the proposedequipment. Along with the traditional,Classic solutions, youcan lay in the project andtechnical innovations. Thissection may not only buycheap portable, self-containedMini CCTV camerawith motion sensor for shopor other premises, but purchasinga small camera for mobilegps video surveillance via satellitefor a very nice price. Allthe items offered are differenthigh reliability, goodoperating parameters and qualitymanufacture. It should be notedand design featuresdevices. The brackets are madefrom quality metal alloys,to when designingsystems that do not pay attentionon weather conditions and be surethat all atmospheric moodthe temperature will be maintained.For 24-hour security facility offers small, miniature digital camera night vision CCTV online. • Guaranteed minimum operating temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius.

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CompanyVIVOTEK INC., established in Taiwanin the year 2000, quickly turnedin a prestigious leading manufacturerin otirasli video surveillancein the network. In 2006, VIVOTEK (TAIEX: 3454)was listed on the TaiwanStock Exchange. VIVOTEK highlightedits SoC business unit to childin the year 2007, namely VATICS, whichfocus on Multimedia SoC development and sales. To keep pace with the rapid growth of sales, it established a subsidiary company in the United States in California in 2008, advance sales, support and service.

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