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IP видеокамерыAlmost no modern systemCCTV whose schemadeveloped by professionalswithout this component,as the IP camera. In the General caseIP camera is a permanently installedcamera with embedded IP servernetwork interface and connecteddirectly to a LAN/WAN/Internet.Many network cameras havesuch additional fundsHow to: motion detectors, sendingmessages by e-mail, work with your modem,connecting external sensorsand so forth. Users can accessto the camera via a standard IP browser. Depending on the settings, access to live video, obtained the IP camera can be opened to all users or only to authorized users.
It consists primarily ofsensor. Very often, instead ofthe standard CCD-matrixes for CCTVused cheaperCMOS sensors. Although they are moreLow sensitivity and nottoo good color reproduction,their use allows to greatly reduce the price of the device and the whole scheme of video surveillance in General, because the sensors are "all in one chip" with digital output data.
Next: network cameraincludes microprocessor for compressionvideo and motion detection(or simply chip the compressor).The most popular JPEG as thea simple and cheap; enoughoften used also MPEG4,the most rare and expensive is MPEG2. With the completion of the term of the patent for the arithmetic coding WaveLet gains popularity. Finally, the network camera includes Ethernet controller 10/100 Mbit/s.
Modern IP camera is a digital device that produces video, digitizing, compressing and transmitting video images over a computer network. Therefore, the IP camera consists of the following components:
-CCD sensor
optical filter
-video capture card
block compression (compression) video
-CPU and embedded IP server
-Flash memory
-network interface
-serial ports
-alarm inputs/outputs
INas a sensor in mostIP cameras use CCD sensor(CCD, CCD-charge-coupled devicecommunication) – rectangular photosensitivesolid state diskwith the relationship of the parties: 4, 3Converts a falling on itthe light into an electrical signal.CCD sensor consists of a largethe number of light-sensitive cells.In order to increase the lightsensitivity of CCDs,often form the structure,that creates a mikrolinzuin front of each cell. In technicalIP camera settings usually indicateformat CCDs (diagonalmatrix in inches), the number of effectivepixels (progressive scan typeor interlaced) and sensitivity.A typical IP camera contains a lens,optical filter, CCD,scheme of digital image processingIP of the server to connect to the networkvideo compression schemeimage. Each networkcamera has its ownIP address calculation features,and embedded software,that allows it to functionas IP server, FTP server, FTP clientand e-mail client. The most modernCCTV scheme include not only network video cameras, but also have many other attractive features such as motion detection, alarm in/out and support e-mail.
With built-in IP server to transfer the received image on the network, network camera does not need to be connected directly to a PC or any other hardware or software tools.

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