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Equipment for the systems of video surveillance in Kiev
> ⇒IR illumination for interiors and external supervision
?К-подсветка для внешнего и наружного наблюдения
When installing video surveillance systemsThere is often a problemgetting a good imagethe viewing areain darker conditionsat the facility. This is fullycan be attributed both to privatepremises with switched off eitherAfter hours lighting, andob″ektamnaružnogo videoin the open air. This problem may be solved in different ways: installation of expensive high-sensitivity cameras, the artificial lighting or illumination systems installation.
Virtually all moderncamcorders are made on the basis oflight-sensitive CCD matrices.Most of the "low-cost", and themore home-made surveillance camerashave a maximum sensitivity0.1 Lux, which gives an acceptablethe quality of the image objecton the monitor in a clear night whena full moon. In many cases,optimal use of conventionalartificial light visiblerange. It is preferable tothat allowsyour camcorder operates at maximumits sensitivity. But, for obvious reasons, this is not acceptable in the conduct of covert video surveillance in the facility. In such cases, the most appropriate is to set the illumination system.
In comparison with a humaneye sensitivity of black and whiteChambers has significantly shiftedin an infrared scope thatallows you to use thepoor lightSpecial infrared devicesthe backlight. Infrared radiationnot visible to the human eye, but is captured by a video camera, regardless of whether they are shooting indoors, or outdoor video surveillance is involved.
To the illumination system must take into account that the backlight unit are divided into two main types: with visible and not visible infrared radiators.

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