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АккумуляторыCurrently NICD batteriesstill remain the mostpopular for power supplyportable radios, medicalequipment, professionalcamcorders that recorddevices and powerful tools.Over 50% of all the way batteriesfor portable equipment-NICD. The emergence of a new onelectrochemical battery systemAlthough they have reduced thethe use of NICD batteries,However, the identification of gapsnew types of batteries ledrenewed interest in NICDbatteries. SLA batteriesare not subject to memory effect.No harm is permittedleave the battery in the chargingthe floating charge devicefor a long time.Conservation of charge-the best ofbecome warm during battery. TakingNote that NICD batteriessamorazrâžaûtsâ for the three monthsat 40% of the stored energy,SLA batteries samorazrâžaûtsâfor the same amount ofone year. These batteries are inexpensive,but the cost of their operationmay be higher than that of NICD, ifduring the life of therequires a large number ofdischarge/charge cycles. SLAbatteries typically usedWhen you want bigpower, weight is not critical, andthe cost should be low. CapacityNIMH cells approx.30% more capacity standard(not very high capacity) NICDa battery of the same size.NICD cells very high capacityprovide a level of capacity,close-to-capacity NIMH. (NICD batteriesvery high capacity cannotprovide high current loadsboth standard NICD batteries.They also have fewercharge/discharge cycles, butmore than NIMH rechargeable batteries). Unitcharacteristics of lithium-ionbattery at leasttwice the similarperformance of nickel-cadmiumbatteries and well characterizedmyself when working on large currents,What is needed, for example whenusing these batteriesin cellphones and portablecomputers. Lithium-ion batterieshave sufficiently low self-discharge(2-5% per month). Lithium-ion batterieshave very high specificenergy. Do not shortshorting the battery, overcharging,destruction, dismantling, piercingmetal objectsreverse polarity connection,do not expose them tohigh temperatures. This cancause you physical harm.Additionally, should be limited tothe maximum charge current and dischargeand should be controlled by temperatureitem. When theseprecautions tometal educationon the surface of lithium èletrodovduring the operation (which mostoften leads to undesirableeffects virtually eliminated). ForNICD batteries harmful presencein the charger fora couple of days. In Fact,NICD batteries is the onlytype of battery that performsits best ifperiodically undergoes a completedischarge. All other varietiesbatteries for electrochemicalsystem prefer shallowdischarge. So, for NICD batteriesimportant periodic fullrank, and if he is not made,NICD batteries graduallylose their effectiveness due to the formation oflarge crystals on the platesitem, i.e. the phenomenon calledmemory effect. Organization,that sells batteriesor which enjoys considerabletheir number, needsa tool that canmonitor and maintainThese batteries. Such a toolare different analyzers. ProgrammableAnalyzer CADEX 7000 productionthe Canadian company CADEX ELECTRONICS Inc.designed for simultaneousservices in any combination4 different batteriesfollowing electrochemicalsystems: sealed lead acid(SLA), nickel-cadmium (NICD), nickel-metalgidridnyh (NIMH) and lithium-ion(LI-ION). Analyzer servesbatteries with voltage from1.2 to 15 Volts, with capacity from 100 mAhup to 24 a and maximum current charge/level to 2 (a) for each station. Allthe accepted parameters of batteryare stored in a specialset of parameters, called"C-CODE". There are basic ("BASICC-CODE ") and advanced (" EXTENTED C-CODE ")parameter sets. Mainlyset host type: Electrochemicalthe system battery, nominalvoltage, capacity and type of serviceprogramme. An additional set ofincludes: charging current valuesand discharge current trickle chargeand the current recovery methodcharge and determining methodtotal charge end voltage,discharge and charge, as well as someothers. Both sets of optionshave default valuesand may be changed by the user.Presets are storedin replacement adapters, eachof which can be stored up to10 such sets, or "C-CODE". Functionalfeatures: * ability toset the value of the capacitanceas a criterion for promotionthe cycle of recovery, ifset value accumulatornot achieved; * applicationwhen charging NICD and NIMH batteriesshort bit pulsesbetween pulses the charge forimproved chargeand reduce the "memory effect"; * readout of the measured capacitance-as a percentage of thenominal value,a separate readout on the principle"pass-no pass"; Analyzeris the serial portRS-232 for printer connectionor computer. Internal commandsPrint provide print-outresults service andlabels batteries. Performancethe analyser shall be a maximum of160 batteries per month at the rate ofdaily maintenance 2-xParties of 4 battery 20 daysper month. Time of serviceone party from 4 to 8:0. Thatnot least, complete with the Analyzerand can be supplied separatelysoftware fora computer that providesnetworking of up to 128 of analyzersand management of their work. So,why in our dailylife can be useful thisthe Analyzer. Consider the specificexamples. Example 1. You have purchaseda batch of new batteries.The question naturally ariseson their status, or rather evennot about status, and on the extent totheir settings to the manufacturer.Therefore, you must decidethe standard task input control. Example2. at the request of the customer tocheck the status of NICD or NIMH BATTERIESbatteries and argumentativeexplain that with them ondo: delete and buy new,or, if you continue to operate,What can be expected of themin the future,or maybe they just can beRestore. Example 3. Clientsaid that the battery pack is fully charged,but the sharp increase apparatusload suddenly shuts off.For example, cell phoneIt might look like this: phonefor no apparent reason, no feedlow voltage signal-disconnect the battery.Or phone shuts off whenattempts to make a call. Ifthe contacts of the battery and the phone-clean and the connection between themdense, it causes one-yourbattery high valueinternal resistance.The fact is that at the time of the attemptto make an outgoing call oranswer an incoming phonemoves from a State of lowenergy consumption in highwith the increase of consumedcurrent in 10 or more times. As a result ofon the battery with higherinternal resistance occursparasitic voltage drop,reduces voltage directlyon the phone to the value when thehis scheme is triggered off.This process happens instantlyin the case of an incoming callto enable a call on your phoneIt's not even comes. And it turns outso, what you are called, phoneis disabled, and you evenand no suspect. Evaluate internalresistance of the batteryYou can on the Analyzer. This proceduretakes about 5-7 seconds.And it is a kind of rapid diagnosisbattery. Example 4. BeforeYou are tasked with maintainingin the ongoing "battle" readinessa certain number of batteriesin case of any emergencysituations, or something elselike this. In this case, youInitially, performover batteries programtest, charge and then leaving batteries in the Analyzer. The Analyzer will constantly keep them in a State of readiness, not will reload and not ruin them like a normal charger.

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