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Computer video capture system – innovations in Hawell security and video surveillance and an alternative to stand-alone DVRPublication date: 3/31/2010
It is quite common in manyinstallation of video surveillance systemsquestion: what type ofrecording device is betteruse – standalone DVRor computer video capture card.Unequivocally answer, unfortunately,doesn't work for anybody. AlwaysThere are specific requirementsfrom the customer, which are more appropriatelyIt would be implemented during buildvideo surveillance systems fora type of recordingdevice. We have already written about the benefits ofand disadvantages, as well as new trends in the manufacture of standalone recorders, now would focus on modern computer systems, video surveillance, in particular products of world brand Hawell.

Cheap H. 264 video DVR OltecPublication date: 3/29/2010
Technological progress cannot be stopped,like its promotion in mass.Eight years ago, the cell phone was expensive foreign toy, and now there is a tube in each individual student (and sometimes several pieces at once). The security sector is not an exception ...

Transmission of video signal over twisted pair TwistPublication date: 1/16/2010We Represent
To your attention offeron the use of our devices transmitting and processing the video signal. In this document you will find a list, description and specifications of the products produced by

iBC-01-network access control, time trackingPublication date: 12/22/2009
Time tracking, bulk management of user rights, the ability to use one controller for two doors ...

DVRs with compression h. 264 is the future that has become real.Publication date: 9/26/2008
To date, digitaldigital video recorder (DVR)a very significant niche in buildingvideo surveillance systems, requirementsto which the reliability,practicality and flexibility of settingsevery day more and more increasing.On these devices was writtenand it is already very much, butHowever, the subject remains veryrelevant and on some aspects of the registration and monitoring of video information systems would stop again and talk over important, in our view, progress and trends in the industry.

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