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Forms of payment

You can purchase goods for

1) cash(in UAH) Based on availableform of payment, you paypreviously ordered goodsWhen the courier orin the company's Office. TheYou receive from our staff warranty card (if the guarantee on the order and planned) and a receipt which will save the entire warranty period. As a rule, paymentcourier delivery within Kiev is 30 UAHunless other conditions are specified.

2) non-cash payment for individuals(excluding VAT and only in UAH) Paymentdetails and the amount to paytaking into account the cost of bankingtranslation you receive at registrationorder with our Manager. Issuance Ofthe goods or sending delivery service is only made after receipt of money. Payment of delivery is made by you on receipt of the goods by the carrier according to the rate schedule.

3) cashless payments for legal entities(including VAT UAH only) Forsuch a charge, you need toget an invoice from an employeethe store, tentatively agreeingthe composition and amount of the order. Keep In Mind,that price will be higher than shown on this website. Issuance of product or service delivery can only be sent after receipt of money to the bank account of the company.

Delivery on Kiev is made as follows:

  • When placing an order in the online store until 19-0000 delivery will be made the next day from 12:00 to 20:00;
  • When paying by bank ordercalculation of delivery isthe day after receivingus arrival acknowledgmentsmoney to the account, and afterobtaining a certificate of VAT payer by fax and copy of power of Attorney, which will be shipped the goods. For CHP: certificate of registration and a copy of the first page of the Passport. Fax number: (044) 496-77-36

    Additional terms:

  • If you placed your after 19-0000, the goods will be delivered to you through the day with 12.00 up to 20:00
  • If you placed your order on Saturday, the goods will be delivered to you on Monday from 12.00 till 20:00
  • If you placed your order on Sunday, the goods will be delivered to you on Tuesday from 12:00 up to 20:00
  • to specify the time and place of delivery, you will be contacted by the Manager in the form of ordering phone
  • Dispatcher will contact you on the day of delivery from 11 till 12.00
  • Manager, you can agree on a suitable time of delivery in the range 2:0 (that is, for example, from 16:30 to 18:30)

    Attention! Delivery on Ukraine is performed within 3 working days.
    You can read more details about delivery of goods transport companies on the official websites:

  • In-time
  • Nova poshta
  • Deliveri
  • Night Express
  • Note:

    Please check the boxand the appearance of the goods at the time ofreceipt of the order. The courier's responsibilities includes delivery. Product installation or connection is not made, in some cases, installation is possible, but by prior arrangement and for an additional fee.

    Exchange of goods or monetary compensation:

    You can refuse the goods put by us in case the delivered goods do not match what you ordered.

    Prepaid, imported goods, NOT REFUNDABLE in case of client's refusal from the order.

    In case the orderedthe goods for any reasonDoes not suit you, you can opt outfrom purchases on the spot. If you Aredecide to return the product within14 days of purchase, you need towill bringproduct that during thistime has not been usedpresentation and originalpackaging to our Office and make a purchase receipt. And in 1-m and 2-m case you pay for delivery to a shipping company, if the product is sent to us for inspection, repair and return.

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