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Vnutrennyaya surveillance camera LC-918-3.6 internal surveillance camera LC-918-3.6
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outdoor surveillance camera with infrared illumination LC-301-3.6
$ 30
surveillance camera with infrared illumination at 20m LC-921P
; 26 cu
85 cu
Doorphone KCV-A374
152 cu

Directory security and video surveillance in Ukraine: DVR, Intercom, Intercom, Alarm, Access Control

Coupling with intercom , Memories video door , ENTRY PANELS color , ENTRY PANELS BW , Intercoms color , Intercoms BW , Apartment .

Audio speakerphones
Audio speakerphones
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CCTV equipment in Kiev
CCTV equipment in Kiev
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Access Control
Access Control
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video sharing , Access Control .

DVR H.264 DVR with H.264 compression replaces the DVR with MJPEG compression. To replace a duplex or triplex DVRs come geksapleksnye DVR. A host of features, such as simultaneous viewing of video images in real time and view the archive, setting the DVR , the work of several concurrent network clients and remote configuration user menu DVR, PTZ cameras. Support WAP protocol, which allows you to view cameras in real time on the screen of a mobile phone via GPRS. Manage the DVR menu using the computer mouse PS/2. Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface. View data recorders HDVR-04ANV, HDVR-09ANV, HDVR-16ANV.
Intercom Intercom - a device that is generally set at the entrance to the room. You can manage various access control devices such as electromechanical or electromagnetic locks, drive gates, barriers. When installing a system with a lock in the office restricted access to office space by unauthorized persons. When intercom is set in an apartment or house, it works as a doorbell, and in addition to this there is an opportunity to talk with a person who is in front of the front door or gate and see it on the screen. Intercoms - can be divided into two categories: Black and white and color. View models are here: black-black-and intercoms , color door phones

company "Chestnut" for several years, is a leader in the market installation and mounting security surveillance systems . Our core business is the sale and installation of analog, digital and infrared cameras for flats, apartments in Ukraine, Kiev, sales tools for home systems with video cameras and web gsm monitoring, control access, security alarm and intercom (video door) DVRs. We are constantly improving methods of work with clients, finding a compromise between the needs of the company and the interests of our customers. For each client, we have an individual approach. Our experts pick optimal solutions to the problem, both in terms of price and in terms of functionality and quality. Professionally install gsm surveillance equipment in the stores, and any other areas in Ukraine, Kiev

CCTV Hawell Hawell digital video surveillance systems offer high performance and reliability. A wide range of video surveillance system allows you to organize with multiplicity 4 camcorder or video recorder. Ability to install multiple cards in the computer, depending on the number of channels board video , allows you to build up to 64 CCTV cameras (channels) on one computer. 1 channel TV output allows serial output to an additional monitor.
Surveillance Camera The principle of operation of all kinds of CCTV cameras - comes down to what is basically a video eyes, they determine that the visual information that is ultimately delivered to the operator. However, unlike the eye, the use of video cameras provides the operator with a unique ability to see the screen monitor Image of the many rather remote locations. The basis of modern cameras is the so-called CCD (CCD - Charge Coupled Device) - a rectangular plate with a light-sensitive semiconductor ratio of 3: 4.
Video Surveillance

Video surveillance

90% of information that takes a person goes through his eyes, so the surveillance system and got the expansion. In the videoonablyudeniya in recent years are a huge change, developing new scientific methods of video analytics Improves the quality and speed of video.

CCTV , a digital system, is a software and hardware system, designed to organization of systems technology and CCTV. Allows organize video surveillance in both local and on the geographically distributed sites.

security surveillance system is an electronic device - capture card (ottsifrovki) video signal to a computer and installed the standard PC. Video surveillance is based on one important point - digitization and hardware compression of analog video camera signal into a digital code, which is then processed by software.

Today digital video surveillance is a number of functional features that make it stand out favorably against the analog systems, which are increasingly becoming obsolete. Safe installation of CCTV cameras in the apartment even with the record, make this technology even more accessible. A video surveillance system based on a modular principle, which allows it to easily build up, thus providing connectivity more cameras. Because of this, video surveillance can to operate an unlimited number of cameras, it is very important for global CCTV systems are located in large enterprises. Another feature of digital video surveillance system is its high performance.

surveillance devices allow you to record video with an unlimited number of cameras at up to 25 frames per second resolution of 704 x 576 pixels. In addition, video surveillance provides high-speed access to stored videos and good quality playing video. Software systems allows combined into a single network distributed local surveillance systems for further centralized administration and control - surveillance system operator can be simultaneously displayed on the monitor image from any of the cameras that are connected to CCTV system.

Access Control

Access Control

System access control - sistemamy multifaceted electronic security. Normal door is installed into a mechanical or electromechanical locking turnstile with janitor system and are also defined as access control . First electronic systems are designed to provide access certain people in certain areas (you can control their movements) and restrict the access of persons who do not have access rights in the appropriate room. That is access control - this electronic system, allowing to solve problems of any complexity.

But more complex systems consist of one or more computers, access control can control the situation based on the current time, day of the week and holidays. System can make a log of all events: user passes through a door at a certain time, attempts unauthorized access, etc. Software access control allows receive different types of reports on events that took place in the system for time. Also, different systems access control can be large additional functions, such as protection against unauthorized entry to the premises by sending an Access Card (TM Key - access control entry) another person, a graphical representation of a computer monitor with a plan of the protected object display of alarm conditions, etc.

Direct function access control - access control, but the system can also be used to account working time, control of the route security guard, control of various devices (lights, sirens and etc.) focusing on the events that occur in the system. Many systems access control have the ability to connect sensors and alarm generate an alarm or control the CCTV system . Consider an example - if you try to enter the premises for illegal users (Presentation of the system of illegal access cards) access control enable recording with cameras and record the actions of the offender.



DVR allows you to record video to the hard drive and look for the right parts at a faster rate better resolution and to a greater extent through the use of modern computer technology. The device hardware can be performed as a PC-compatible card that is inserted in the PCI-slot in the computer, or as a separate device (called non-PC or Stand Alone DVRs).

Any digital video recorder has a special slot for the hard drive, which is recorded and video, some models have the ability to connect a second drive for backup. The resulting so the image can be viewed repeatedly without deterioration, can be stored indefinitely and requires no maintenance vehicles. Most models have alarm inputs, allowing you to enable recording in the case where a signal appears on these inputs or record footage at a higher resolution when triggered alarm sensors. This allows optimal use of capacity of the hard disk and store it large amounts of information.

use of digital video recorders has several advantages over the use of multiplexers and VCRs. First of all, write to the hard disk has higher quality, much longer life, it is more convenient to store and archive and search all your information is faster and more convenient.

door phone

door phone

intercoms Audio are the most simple, but it's also very effective means to protect the apartment, entrance of an apartment house, office or cottage. Audio intercom is a two-way communication device, which consists of the outside panel, usually mounted on the outside of the door and the tube placed in the subscriber premises. When you press a button on the outside panel tube produces a melodic signal several times. When using the system no need to use conventional elektrozvonka. On audiotrubkah that are installed inside the house, there are buttons to open the electric locks. For apartment intercoms characterized options: call the number, apartment and opening the access door.

video phone

Video phone

video phone will help you to protect yourself, your family and your own home from foreign visitors and intruders. Video door can also be used in offices and of heightened security

video phone - a set consisting of a monitor and ringer Audio/Video panel. Audio/Video panel - unit with the body made of metal (vandal) or plastic (for the office), which contains a camera, call button, microphone and speaker and infrared light (allows to "see" in the dark). Design features of some audio/video panels allows them to be installed on a wall or door as a mortise ("Retractable") and overhead way. Monitor entryphone - A device that has a 4 "inch (10 cm diagonal) flat black-and-white screen, up for negotiation, the button to open the lock, if a remote controlled lock. Some models in the video door addition have the intercom. Intercom - communication with extension tube. Additional handset intercom, also has a button to control the lock. The link between video door phones and ringing audio/video panel performed with a 4-wire cable.

There are many types of video door phones that use different each different functionality. Also, some video door monitor models is possible to connect additional camcorder and the memory block.




effects after fire and theft, as well as the associated losses are becoming a heavy burden, which lie on the shoulders of not only the victim, but society as a whole. So no one doubts that it is appropriate to use technical means to protect the security and fire alarm .

Alarm System - used for reliable detection of unauthorized access to the object to be protected.

Fire Alarm System - used for the rapid and reliable detection of the start of a fire means that focuses on phenomena that accompany the fire - such as heat, smoke, invisible products of combustion, infrared, etc., and activate the warning system.

Intrusion - multifunction system including security and fire alarm .

The alarm system consists of devices such as detectors (sensors), AUC, sirens, GSM-dialers.

Detector - a device that generates with a certain signal to change certain controlled environmental parameters. These parameters can be vibration, heat, electromagnetic field characteristics, etc.

system fire alarm consists of the following devices:

  • detectors (sensors)
  • T transceiver control AUC
  • GSM-dialer
  • light and sound Bell
  • Remote central Surveillance (CMS)

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